Monday, November 23, 2009

Prince Bernard Declares:

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Looking At The Hopeless, Frustrating And Epileptic Power Situation Homes And Businesses Are Facing In Nigeria And Several Other African Countries - Here Is A Money-Spinning Business Any Smart Nigerian Can  Start With Just N25,000 Only And Go All Your Way To Become Wildly Rich . . Money Will Be Hitting Your BANK ACCOUNT Faster Than A Speeding Bullets And Quicker Than You Could Ever Possibly Imagined . . 100% Guaranteed!

Investor Interested In The Multi-Billion Dollar Invention - Asking Price Is $10Million Dollar . . . And You Earn 10% Commission If You Bring Such Investor

Amazing New Fuelless Generator Device

A 5kva Working Prototype

 You're welcome To Prince Bernard Olatunji's Fuelless Generator Blog


Prince Bernard Olatunji

Lagos, Nigeria.
Tel: +2347039537576

Dear Investor,

I have no idea how you got to this site.

Maybe you read about it in some publication like The Vanguard, The Nation, The Encomium, The Weekly castle, Success Digest, Complete sport, Entertainment Express, etc. These are just few fractions among the newspapers/magazines that have published this incredible invention here in Nigeria.

Maybe a friend referred you to it. perhaps you stumbled onto it online by pure dumb luck.

But, however you got here, you have arrived at what is, without question, the most valuable site on the entire Internet if. .

You Are a Serious And Smart Investor
Looking For a New, Simple, Never-of-its-kind And Highly Profitable world-class Invention, Technology. . or. . Product 
With Minimal Risk And High Profit
Margin That Guarantee Unstoppable 6-Figure cash-flow
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My name is Prince Bernard Olatunji. I’m the CEO/MD of MGI (Morewealth Global Info Nig. Ltd.)
Chances are that you're hearing of me for the first time ever. But that doesn't really matter right now. What does really matter is that the wealth of information am about to expose right now is so incredibly powerful that it will dramatically enhance your life and make you more money than you could possibly spend even in your next 20th generation.

I have just invented a simple but powerful technology which I believe to be one of the easiest, most foolproof way any smart and intelligent Investor can use to make huge wads of money than anyone previously has even dreamed about and I want to share this with you right here right now.

Hear this: this is going to be the wisest decision and the most profitable investment any smart investor will ever make this year, because inventing into "commercial mass-production of fuel-less generator" for the teaming Africa market is 100 times more profitable than dealing drugs... yet... it is 100% legal.

The cash-flow from investing in this new technology is as automatic and as consistent as sunrise because it's an evergreen invention: a product that will forever shine in market front-line with nondepreciating and ever-increasing market value. . . . even in 100 years from now.  

It's an opportunity to triple your investment overnight and skyrocket any smart investor to earning "8-figure" income monthly. . even weekly. . . even daily. . over and over for life  . . even if this is the first product ever such investor is investing into.

That's The Good News!

The Bad news, however, is This...

This Offer is Only Available For 100 People Who Will Be 
Privilege To Have Access To Our Tutorial Information kit Containing A Practical Video DVD and A Manual

Want To Know Why?

That's because this invention is capable of  making you hundreds of thousands of billion dollars in a thunder flash over and over for life.

Now listen, the above figure quotation are not just made-up arbitrary figure. In fact, it has been toned down! 

Let's face it, an investor who is capable of investing over $10 million dollars to buy over a project is already rich, but frankly speaking, no matter how rich you are right now, you're still on zero level compared to the money this invention will make you. 

It's like magically and dramatically catapulting you from just being rich to being among the "top 10" world richest guys. That's absolutely beyond your wildest imagination.

Are you getting my point?

Now, Let Me Debunk The Secret  

I am about to illuminate something you really, really need to think about.

Listen: If you live or have ever being to some African countries like Nigeria where I'm from, then you don't need to be told that "unstable" or "irregular" electricity is the number one frustrating problem virtually everyone and every business is facing. 

It's one major problem this great nation called Nigeria has been bewitched with ever since we got independence in October 1st 1960. 

Wow! That over 52 years ago! And with that in mind, you'll quickly grasp the value of my offer here. 

You see,  the power sector in Nigeria is really inefficient. That's why diesel-eating, noise-making, smoke-producing  power generators are commonplace at banks, Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, stores, factories, institutions, small businesses and private homes.

Businesses that deal in generators sales and fuel supply are making a killing from it because it is probably the only way (before now)Nigerians can get reliable power supply as all hope seems lost for the National power supplier.

The dream of many is that If it were possible to have a kind of generator that doesn't run on fuel or uses less fuel, a lot of Nigerian would be willing to buy and as long as it provides reliable electrical power.

But Guess What? 

That Dream Is Now A Reality With The Invention Of
A Simple And Portable Power Technology:  A Smokeless, Noiseless, Maintenance-free Device Called 
"The Fuelless Generator"

What Is a Fuelless Generator 
And How Does It Really Work?

With different issues coming up in the power generation sector in Nigeria, such as the recent problems with gas supply to already completed NIPP projects, it now depends on the people to discover ways to generate their own electricity.

No doubt the Nigeria government has failed woefully in all attempt to provide a stable electricity in the country and this has resulted to high cost of production for both small and large scale business owners who tenaciously do business in Nigeria inspite of the global economic meltdown.

And even now as I'm writing this report, the hopeless situation of epileptic power supply in Nigeria and several other African countries can best be described as been consistently inconsistent!

However, the resultant effect is felt mostly by the poor masses and this millions of homes and businesses grievous pain which is only second to the death of a loved one.

As a result every home and business take solace in the only alternative available which is: the use of "fuel generators" 

However,the problem with using fuel-generators is that one  must continue to spend money (a lot of money. .) buying fuel to run these generators if one wish to remain in business

Think about this:
  • Do you know that over thirty five million liters of fuel(PMS) is consumed by these fuel-sucking vampires called  "generators" everyday in Nigeria? 
  • A statistics once proof that a small business operator in Nigeria spend between N250,000 ($1562) to N300,000 ($1875) every year on fuel alone just to keep his or her business alive and running.Not to mention other expenses like - the money spent on oil, cost of maintaining the generator, etc etc

What a waste! But do they have a choice? 

I don't think so

So you can see why a lot of businesses are struggling to survive, while others simply fold up because the money they spend on fuel is a big hole in their pocket while the few tough ones that stand simply inflate the prices of their products since that's the only way they can maximize their profit.

The question is: who suffers the final effect?
Of course, the masses, that is ME and YOU!

The situation is even worse now that the government who has failed to give her citizen a stable electricity went further to add salt to our healing injury by inflating the price of petrol (PMS) from N65 a liter to N97!

Besides the wasteful expenses business owner incur to run their fuel-sucking monsters  generators. .  lets examine few other challenges these fuel-generators have:
  • They make heavy and irritating noise which can be very annoying and disturbing.
  • They produce heavy smoke due to carbon combustion which is highly hazardous to health and which pollute our environment.
  • Users also spend extra money to buy oil which is used to mixed petrol before it can used and in regular servicing and maintenance.


    Necessity they say is the mother of invention. Several individual and some Engineering experts have attempt to help find a better alternative to the only power source every home and business owner have to depend on, which is the use of fuel-generators.

    one of those solutions is the solar system

    However, the solar system is not a lasting solution because its not really efficient as most marketers do claim. Besides,the solar system is highly expensive to setup and above all, its a device that depends on nature which is solar energy from the sun (that is not always available)to generate electricity.  

    As a result, the generator producing companies are smelling to the bank, making billions of dollar every month selling their products to an hungry Nigerian market.

    However, these generators have are not really the lasting solution we seek in Nigeria. Not every home or business can afford to buy one, not because they don't have the money to buy one but because there is a life-time spending attached to it which is . . . 

    For these generator to supply electricity, 
    you must continually buy fuel to run it

    So, I got thinking - there must be a way out, and of course, I found one!

    The quest for solution pushed me into research for a better option - my dream is to invent a device that can generate electricity without the need for fuel at all!

    • something people can buy with one time out of pocket spending 
    • something people will never have to incur more expenses to use
    • An easy-to-operate, affordable device that is noiseless, smokeless and fuel-less.

    So the fuel-less generator idea came in as a flash and I started working on it since 2005.

    And right now, am happy to announce to you that the fuel-less generator dream which I have been working restlessly and tirelessly on many years back is now a reality.

    However, the bugging questions asked by many all over the world are:

    • Is fuelless generator a reality?
    • If it does not use fuel, what then is it using?
    • How does it work and how long does it last?

    If you need straight honest-to-God answers to these and many other questions on fuelless generator, then I have a good news for you, and this will be the most important write-up you'll ever read that reveal the. . .

    untold and hidden secrets about 
    the amazing fuelless generator

    Let Me introduce myself Proper

    My name is Prince Bernard Olatunji,I am the executive chairman of Morewealth Global Info Ltd (a registered company with Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria) basically into technology innovation and research, business ideas and solutions, business consulting, and information marketing).

    Chances are that you haven't heard or met me before, but by the time you finish reading this page, you'll be glad you finally did. 

    I am proud to tell you that I am a Nigerian and the true inventor of the 'fuelless generator device'

    I am an established information marketer, researcher, idea-generator, business consultant and a motivational speaker both locally and internationally.


    You can read more about me at my private blog at 

    Still skeptical? 

    Well, for doubting Thomases out there, you can put my name "Prince Bernard Olatunji" in the world's biggest search engine - maybe the result you'll get will clear your doubt about me.

    Having introduced myself in details, lets continue with our main topic of today which is " the amazing fuelless generator"



    A fueless generator is a noiseless, smokeless and self-charging device that generate electricity without using fuel(petrol or diesel). It produces power by means of energy recycling.

    It uses battery as its source of energy, and this battery is constantly being recharged by the same current produced by the fuelless generator device itself by means of charging system under normal working condition.


    It's fabricated by converting the already-existing fuel-using generator by changing some of its parts and introducing other components in order to eliminate the use of fuel completely. It can also be fabricated from scratch by obtaining all the necessary components needed and couple them together following a step-by-step coupling procedure, which is the main secret behind this great invention!

    Listen: the fuelless generator device is not an inverter, solar energy, wind system or something you are already familiar with, and it has nothing to do whatsoever with PHCH.. .

    It is an energy recycling, self-charging, self-dependent, maintenance-free, smokeless, noiseless,self-sustaining fuel-less generator

    A simple but highly effective, proven,trusted, verified, easy-to-operate, one-time out of pocket device.

    for now, it uses normal dry cell car battery as the source of energy with the help of a charging system that constantly recharge back the battery and recycle back energy to it during working period! 
    However, we are still working on a better energy source that can outlast the car battery we use for now.  

    The normal generators that use fuel are able to supply electricity due to the rotation of the alternator coil by the piston and shaft. However, before the piston can rotate the alternator (a process which supply electricity), fuel is required.In a nutshell, the need for fuel in fuel-generator is to enable the piston to rotate the coil of alternator.
    So what I did is to think of something else - which does not need fuel. . . that can rotate the alternator. And after several experiments and repeated trier and error process, I got one.

    So instead of using fuel to power the device(sorry, i can't tell you the name because that's my secret)to rotate the alternator, a car battery is used instead as my fueling station.

    It's just as simple as that.


    I Bet You Want Some Proof! 

    And I'll be glad to let you have some, and I bet by the time you finish reading this piece of information, you'll be pissed off that you didn't find me earlier. But lucky you, you found me before it's too late and you even found me at the right time when you needed it most.

    Proof # 1: Let me start with the recent one. below is a  copy of a letter I got recently (just months ago) from the Office of the HOD, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Cross river University Of Technology seeking my assistance to help their final year students of Mechanical Engineering who want to present my technology as a project.

    You can click on it to have it in full size

    The point is this: if the fuel-less generator is a myth, then there will never be such a letter. The project was a successful one and I receive hundreds of "thank you" texts and mails from the students for being of such help.

    Is That all? Hell no!

    Here's another one

    Proof # 2: The Vanguard Newspaper Interviewed Me On This Technology In 2010 And Featured The Write-up In The "Business Opportunity" Section Of The Paper Which Automatically Increased The Perspective Value Of The Paper when It Hits The News-stand And Increases Their Sales (I think) That They Have To Re-published It Again The Following Week!

    To support this claim, when the vanguard newspaper(a reputable newspaper here in Nigeria) heard of it, at first they were curious and sent one of their reporters(Mr Kingsley Adegboye)to come and confirm it. He did came and he immediately went into ecstacy (highly impressed) when he witnessed the practical demonstration of the fuel-less generator device live. 

    I was interviewed and a full page worth N250,000 in paid advert was dedicated FREE by the Vanguard newspaper to feature it on their "business opportunity" back page twice.  

     And the frenzied response I get from those who read that article made me realize just how hungry the market truly is for this technology.

    First on Tuesday March 16, 2010 and on Monday March 22, 2010 respectively.


    Because it's real - they saw it working and they are impressed by it's efficiency!

    You can visit the web link below to read the unedited version of the publication by the vanguard newspaper for the fuel-less generator.  

    Proof # 3:
    It was also confirmed by the deputy editor (Mr Hope Eno) of Success Digest magazine located at Ago palace-way, Okota, Lagos live in their office at Success Attitude Development Centre (SADC). And several adverts was published on it thereafter.

    You Know what? Feel free to go there to confirm.

    Proof # 4And recently, I was also interviewed on this technology by a reporter for  castle weekly (the real estate magazine) Mr Akintunde M. Seriki. They also got permission from me to  feature it in the magazine. It was on news-stand between June 10 to June 16, 2012.

    And several other publications like encomium, the Nation, complete sport, the Income and several websites and online forums have confirmed and featured it severally thereafter.

    Want More Proof?

    Ok. . . Here's another one:

    Proof # 5: When the fuel-less generator device was discovered in 2009, we organized a workshop to create awareness about it, and one can only to that when you're sure and proud of what you have.

    Over 500 people attended the workshop to witness the live demonstration of this portable power source.

    Below Are The  picture captions of the people in attendance:


    Why Am I showing You All These Proofs?
    The reason is this: You see, I have no idea how you got to this website. However, I want to belief to a higher degree that you got here by curiously responding to an advert you saw in a publication, maybe Entertainment Express or Complete sport.

    At the same time, it's also very possible that you just stumbled upon this blog by pure dump luck.
    Whatever! You see, nowadays, everybody (myself inclusive) is extremely careful and skeptical with information we come across by accident on the internet and we take them  with grin of salt.

     Why? Because there are more fraudulent and heartless people masquerading online to extort innocent people of their hard-earned money by pretending to have a solution to their problem, only to disappear into thin air as soon as money exchanged hands, leaving their victims heart-broken and in deep depression.

    The fuelless generator is not a theoretical concept but a reality

    To support this claim, when the vanguard newspaper(a reputable newspaper here in Nigeria) heard of it, at first they were curious and sent one of their reporters(Mr Kingsley Adegboye)to come and confirm it. He did came and he immediately went into ectacy(highly impressed) when he witnessed the practical demonstration of the fuelless generator device live. 

    I was interviewed and a full page worth N250,000 in paid advert was dedicated FREE by the Vanguard newspaper to feature it on their "business and opportunity" back page twice. First on Tuesday March 16, 2010 and on Monday March 22, 2010 respectively.

    Visit this page  

     to read the full unedited version of the vanguard publication, perhaps this will throw more light on the reality of my fuel-less generator device.

    As you can see, this same article was featured twice on different date by the vanguard newspaper because they were so impressed and overwhelmed by this amazing, incredible priceless invention/product!

    That was in 2010. It was also confirmed by the deputy editor (Mr Hope Eno) of Success Digest magazine located at Ago palace-way, Okota, Lagos live in their office at Success Attitude Development Centre (SADC). And several adverts was published on it thereafter.

    And recently by castle weekly  - the real estate magazine and it was on news-stand between June 10 to June 16, 2012 by one of their reporters, Mr Akintunde M. Seriki.

    And several other publications like encomium, the Nation, complete sport, the Income and several websites and online forums have confirmed and featured it severally thereafter.

    Why am I telling you all these??
    The point is:even if you don't trust the source of this information because you just stumbled on it by chance on the internet. Besides this is Nigeria where almost everybody is skeptical and cautious about things they see online, at least you'll trust the reputable vanguard and other credible newspapers mentioned here and belief whatever they published. 

    And you know what?. . .feel free to contact the vangaurd newspaper or any other publication mentioned above to verify the authenticity of my claim


    The good news is that I have been able to invent a device that is capable of generating power (electricity)on its own without using fuel. However, the only challenge I'm facing right now is that the fuel-less generator is not yet an 100% finished product, I still have one or two minor issues to deal with. But, these are issues that can be figured out and fix!

    The primary challenge right now is that. . .

    the device cannot supply electricity 
    for 24 hours , even though that is my ultimate goal. 

    So people that want to buy the product for personal or business use should be aware and adequately informed that the fuel-less generator can only last for about 6-8hrs with the aid of the charging system for now.

    The reason?
    The reason  is because what I use as the fueling station in my prototype experiment is the normal car battery, which eventually run down after being in use for about 5hrs or so. 

    Although I have also discovered a charging system that can be connected while the system is working using the same power supply by the device to charge it back, and this has helped to increase the working duration from 4hrs to about 6 - 8hours.

    However, the rate at which load is consuming energy from the device is faster than the rate my discovered charging system is charging it back. 

    Why am I telling you all these ?
    There are some fake people out there that portray themselves as fuelless generator experts online misinforming people, they tell people that the fuelless generator can supply power 24/7 and  all sorts of lie so as to coin them to buy some information they stole from me from them. Many of them have never setup a working prototype for personal use, so I wonder how they are so desperate to make money from information they know nothing or little about.

    These are some of the people that attended the practical demonstration workshop we had in 2009 to create awareness on the fuelless generator.In the seminar, we gave out manuals and video CDs to attendees with a strict warning, which is to. . guide them on how to fabricate it for personal use only and not for business purpose. Many of them have turned this into business deceiving and misinforming people.

    Beware of Online fake Marketers
    It baffles me how some people come online and immediately brand themselves as experts on project that is not their original idea. They have yet to try it out but they believe that just because they have some information relating to the project, they are now guru, then they portray themselves as such.

    I have done my research on some of these so called fuelless generator online "gurus", and am listing them here so you don't fall a victim to their over-exaggerated marketing gimmick

    Besides, I never gave any of them the right to sell the information we gave them for personal use. That is against the policy of information marketing, it's a criminal offense.

    Beware of these Scammers Infringing On My Invention By selling A lame And Outdated information Of The Old fuelless generator Resource Materials:

    Mr Popoola Ibrahim (08051676205)

    Peter Essien (08025363194, 08038144203)

    Godswill Ohazuruike (07032912565) 

    and many of them advertising in forums like Nigeria best forum, naira land ect.

    Several people that bought the information from them got my number from the manual (because they didn't even bother change anything in the manual)end up contacting me for practical advice

    However, am still working on it to make it better. And when am done, what you'll have is a device that supply electricity for 24 hours

    Below are the Outstanding Advantages of A Fuelless generator Over The other brands of generators (the ones that use fuel)
    • A fuelless generator does not need or depend on fuel(petrol or diesel) and it has nothing whatsoever to do with solar energy,wind energy or inverters.
    • It preserves the safety of our immediate environment from noise and air pollution because it is noiseless and smokeless. Since it does not use fuel at all - there is no smoke which is usually caused by carbon combustion in fuel.
    • Also, the components needed to fabricate it are readily and easily available and can be sourced with ease.
    • It can be built to any capacity, depending on the capacity of the load we want it to carry.
    • It does not require any mechanical service or maintenance. 
    • It is free from current surge or electric shock
    • It saves a lot of money individual and business owners spend on fuel.
    • It is very safe to use, it does not wear or tear and it can work non-stop for as long as you want. 
     What Do I Have To Show As An Inventor Of The Fuel-less Generator Device?
    • I have a working prototypes of different capacities of  the fuel-less generator to demonstrate to any interested investor. 

                                                                     1KVA PROTOTYPE


                                                         5KVA WORKING PROTOTYPE

    • I have the master copy of a video documentation of the coupling, construction and making process of the fuel-less generator that explain explicitly in plain English language the step-by-step making secret of the fuel-less generator.  
    •  A blueprint diagram illustrating the technical procedures of the fueless generator
    •  And other necessary requirements including the patent license for the invention.
    How Much  Will This 
    Priceless Invention Go For?
    My primary objective is to get investor(s) from any country in the world to buy the sole right over this invention. The fuelless generator is an incredible and priceless product that has come to take the world by storm and it is a goldmine opportunity for any investor, company or individual that desire to amass insane wealth and become the next multi-billionaire the world is waiting to celebrate.
    Imagine in Nigeria alone with population  over 160 million, thirty six million litres of fuel is consumed on a daily basis and a reasonable percentage is consumed by generators.

    No wonder the generator producing companies have monopolized the market, making a hell lot of money selling their products here because its the only alternative for now.

    The Asking Price For This Invention is $10 Million 

    Any interested investor or company should contact me directly on any of these numbers:

    +2347039537576 or +2348125578127

    or   by sending a mail to or my personal e-mail -

    And I will get back to you as soon as I receive your mail.

    Prince, Do You Train People On How To Make The Fuel-less Generator for Personal Use? 

    The answer is NO! I no longer organize seminars or one-on-one trainings for people anymore. 

    My intention now is to get investors 
    who want to buy the invention prototype,  and the asking price is $10 Million Dollar 

    If you can connect us with any interested investor, then you will be given a certain commission reasonable enough to make you rich for life. You Earn 10% Commission  = $1million Dollar


    Can I have Access To The Fuelless Generator Information Package Which Contain the Video CD And A Step-by-step Manual For Personal Use?

    Yes, but a strict condition is attached, which is. . . you can only have the information package which contains a practical instructional  video CD + e-manual  for personal use only. Not to be reproduce for sale or for any purpose whatsoever without authorized permission from me.

    When I mean personal use, I mean for individual who want to learn how to build the generator for their home or business use.

    Another set of people I am giving the privilege to have access to my fuelless generator practical guide resource materials (VCD + MANUAL) are students who want to obtain the information CD for their school projects.

    Anyone you see selling the information CD online today in Nigeria got it from me, and I did not give any of them the right to do business with it.

    WARNING: I only have 50 copies of the CD for sale. My goal is to make my money by selling out the idea/invention and not by selling out the information but the project itself. And that's why I can only afford to give it out to just 50 people only.

    Considering the rate at which people call begging that I make few copies of this CD available for sale, I know that these 50 copies will quickly be taking up by smart action takers. And once they are gone, am not producing more copies no matter how much people are offering.

    The Price For The Video CD + The Manual?

    Just N15,000 ONLY!

    Remember, I have got just 50 copies available to be sold out at this ridiculously low price(compared to the value of the information), so I can't guarantee you of getting one. so please call me on 07039537576 or 08125578127 to first to confirm if there are still copies available before going to the bank to make any payment.

    How To Order Your Own Copy

    step 1: call me on 07039537576 to confirm if the Video CD is still available. Remember that I only have 50 copies for sale on Bonanza. so it's very important that you call to confirm first before going to the bank.

    step 2: If I confirm to you that you can go pay, then go pay N15,000 ONLY to  my account at any branch of GTBank or Ecobank closer to you:


    Account Name For Both Banks: 
    Olatunji Bernard Olaitan

    GTBank Account Number:  0017210794

    Ecobank Account Number:  0014515418

    step 3: Immediately after payment, text the following details to me on 07039537576

    • The payment teller Number, 

    • the bank you paid to, 

    • Your full name, 

    • your detail contact address,and

    • your email address

    step 4: Once I receive your text, the Video CD will be sent to you by fedex courier and they will deliver it at your given address within 24hrs (1days) if you reside in Lagos or 48hrs if you reside outside Lagos.

    Please, make sure you write the address correctly and include any details that will make it easier for the place to be trace out.

    step 5: while the manual will be send to your mailbox almost immediately, and  you can print it to have the hard copy.

    100% Iron Clad 90-Day
    Money Back Guarantee!

    In fact, if you make the investment, I’ll personally guarantee this will be your most profitable decision you'll ever make this year.

    Here’s the MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE Deal: Order today, order right now, and we will automatically (in the next 48 hours) send you the package through the most reliable courier company . . FedEx. . . and put your manual guide in the mail immediately. Watch the videos and review the manual. You have a full 90 days to do this. And then, if you don’t think this is for real, or if you think implementing this simple technology is not as simple as promised here. . . of course I will question your IQ but I'll call you to ask you send your account details and I'll refund of every kobo you paid.

    Overdose Warning:  
    This Website Will Be Down As Soon As We Reach Our Target Of 50 Nigerians. The Reason is This: This Information Is Exclusively Not For The Public, We're Making It Available For Now Because We Want To Help Just 50 Nigerians To Enjoy Xmas To It's Fullness By Enjoying Unlimited Access To 24/7 Power Supply! 

    If you send us money or cheque after this offer has been closed, we will request for your account number and send back your money or return back your cheque uncatched. So you're strongly adviced to call us to confirm if this offer is still available before you make any payment

    Yours Friend,
    Prince Bernard Olatunji


     This FUEL-LESS GENERATOR e-Manual and VIDEO CD are sold with the understanding and agreement that you are ordering  it for your own personal use only. Using it otherwise without permission from the owner is strictly Prohibited!

      If you're an information marketer, don't even think about ordering this information (the e-manual + VIDEO CD) with a greedy motive of reproducing and  re-selling it (It is not a "private label right" material) and do not copy the sales letter on this blog...not  even one single word or sentence... on any website or in any form whatsoever.

    This information product (both the manual and the VIDEO CD) and the sales letter on this blog are all copyrighted and, if you do rip them off or infringe on my intellectual property, I guarantee you will have a "legal experience" so unpleasant . . . it will give you nightmares forever!
    Be Warned!

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